WINGS Corporate

A Tool for Corporations to Easily Organize, Book, and Manage Travel.

Eliminate the expense of hiring a third party to manage your corporate travel needs. WINGS Corporate equips you with all the benefits of the WINGS Booking Engine, plus personalized travel policy management, so you can seamlessly book all aspects of travel for your employees.

Key Features of WINGS Corporate

  • Simple and low-cost setup and several subscription levels to choose from
  • Access to multi-GDS and NDC to connect you with the best rates on business class tickets
  • Allows you to search and book hotels, transportation, and land activities that fit your company’s needs
  • In-depth travel policy definitions with approval workflows
  • Ability to create and provide your own margins to maximize profits
  • Each TMC consultant gets their own dashboard to manage, track, and amend their corporation’s bookings
  • Agency dashboard provides an organized overview of all bookings for reporting, finance, and business analytics
  • Chat functionality that allows the agent to chat directly with corporate travelers
  • Easy to use for travelers, approvers, and agents via desktop or mobile device

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