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WINGS Desktop

Everything you need to successfully connect, collaborate, search, book and manage in real time with your customers

WINGS Corporate

A Corporate Booking Tool for Travel Management Companies, Travel Agencies and their corporate Travellers

WINGS Journey

Dynamic Travel Itinerary that reflects the Travel Cycle. Leading edge, dynamic Trip Itinerary that reflects the travel cycle. 

WINGS Promote

A unique end to end Marketing and Lead Generation solution for travel agents

WINGS Office

Comprehensive inquiry and Booking Management Site, allowing complete personalization to the travel agency.

WINGS Loyalty

The Single Sign-on Connector between loyalty programs, their customers, and our travel agency partners

The New Travel Landscape

WINGS is everything you need to successfully ConnectCollaborateSearchBook and Manage in real time with your customers through all the stages of the travel experience from dreaming to researching to experiencing and sharing. An entirely integrated travel retailing solution, WINGS allows agents and agencies, management and network owners access real time business and industry feedback to dynamically manage the customer experience to compete, grow and pivot, to stay relevant and drive improved sales and profits.

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